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Vitality Mala 

This mala is 108 beads of carnelian, lepidolite, and sunstone hand knotted on silk cording with a carnelian guru and suede tassel. Carnelian is a crystal known for boosting confidence and vitality as it resonates with the lower three chakras. It connects mind and body and allows the user replace feelings of anger, envy, resentment and other negative emotions with a love for life. Lepidolite's healing properties help give you the guidance to think before taking action. It illuminates a greater sense of who we are and our true desires. Lepidolite balances all chakras and dissolves energy blocks preventing you from actualizing true happiness. Sunstone resonates with the root and solar plexus chakras embodying the warmth of the sun, strength and vitality. Sunstone helps release stress while stimulating clear thinking and enhancing creativity. Shine the radiant light of confidence and connectivity to infuse your life with renewed vitality, the perspective to make choices that serve, and the confidence to follow your true passions.

$200 (visit us at 583 St.Mary’s Rd to purchase. Cash, Visa, MC, and Interac accepted)

Decisive Intuition Mala

This mala is made on hand knotted silk with 108 mookaite beads and a quartz guru. Mookaite is a grounding crystal that balances the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. It's earthy tones can assist with grounding and it is known to sharpen intuition or your innate knowing. Meditating with mookaite can help you;

  • harness your innate knowing
  • giving you the courage and confidence to make decisions from that place of wisdom 
  • taking action to manifest that which serves. 

$155 (visit us at 583 St.Mary's Rd to purchase. Cash, Visa, MC, and Interac accepted)