What's New?

New Jewelry Collection

Come visit our online store to see the new Drifting Home Jewelry Collection

Statement pieces made with driftwood foraged from Manitoba lake shores and semi-precious stones/crystals. Driftwood represents the purification that arises when we surrender to our truth, it comes from a deep knowing and from standing in our light, allowing the true self to be seen. Driftwood represents the stripping away of ego and the layers of self and/or how we view ourselves that may not always be rooted in truth. It represents a tumbling through life's lessons and using the opportunities afforded by life experiences to become who we truly are, free from the imposed judgements of society, ancestry and culture, freedom to truly and magnificently just be. Visit us in studio to see the one of a kind, handmade, soul vessel adornments in this empowering collection!

Visit Us!

Come visit us at  583 St. Mary's Rd (Lower Level)!! We are located at the junction of St.Mary's Rd and St. Anne's in the same building as Grain to Glass and Borbely Swiss Denture Clinic. Parking is available on surrounding streets (Dunraven and Blenheim avenues). 

Check out the class schedule on here!

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